Sebago Maine overview tubes and components

About Us

Confluent Maine’s roots go as far back as the 1940s, when our founder provided high quality, innovative gun drilling and machining services.

Since becoming an independent company, Confluent Maine has focused on customer support through the implementation of a Customer Account team, which enables us to offer customers quick quotation responses; regular and on-going communications; and improved deliveries. Throughout the company, from accounting to sales to manufacturing to quality control, we have an unwavering commitment to provide quality parts and service in fulfilling each order of our customers, both new and old.


Building on the ability to machine holes in tubular components with uniform wall thickness, Confluent Maine has become the world’s leading supplier of tube hollows for re-draw, tubular products, components, and precision cannulation. No one matches our ability to provide hollows of the highest quality and most uniform wall thickness, in addition to custom hollows/tubing with concentricity requirements of a maximum of .004” Total Indicator Runout and better.

If you demand perfection in your finished drawn tubes and components, you need to start with precision tube hollows from the world leader in seamless precision. And that means starting and ending right here at Confluent Maine. 

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