nitronic energy

Nitronic® is a registered trademark of the AK Steel Corporation. An austenitic stainless steel super alloy, Nitronic’s main alloys are cobalt, chromium, tungsten and nickel. Nitronic can also be alloyed with other elements, such as silicon and manganese. The superalloy’s name is derived from the fact that Nitronic is nitrogen strengthened. It is often referred to as an “all purpose” super alloy as it has an exceptional ability to resist wear, galling and fretting even at high temperatures. Some Nitronic alloys are biocompatible and used in medical device applications.

With an ability to withstand temperatures up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, Nitronic alloys have many applications in the aerospace, oil and gas and nuclear industries. Its extreme durability makes it an ideal material for roller bearings, marine pump shafts and bridge railing systems. It’s ability to withstand high-pressure, high temperature environments make it ideal for use in gas turbine engines and afterburners. Nitronic is also resistant to bodily fluids, making it an ideal material for heart valves.