Custom Tubing


Confluent Maine specializes in unique, engineered solutions to custom seamless tubing design challenges. Our ability to provide uniform-wall, seamless precision tubing at extreme depth-to-ID ratios, with industry-leading concentricity specs, has made us a world leader in custom heavy-wall tubing, custom thin wall tubing, hollow bars, precision cannulae and tubular components.

Total Indicated Runout

If your alloy of choice is not available in tubing, or if you cannot find the wall thickness your design needs, we can start with barstock and machine a precision tube to your specifications.

Our precision machining capabilities are fundamentally based on gun drilling. Confluent Maine expertise in gun drilling dates back to 1947. In that time, we have elevated our capabilities to world class levels. We machine tubing with IDs as small as 0.055″ and as large as 4.00″. Confluent Maine is able to maintain extremely tight concentricity specs – Total Indicated Runout of .008″ or less  along the full length of a tube as long as 25 feet.


We regularly work in tool steel, stainless series-300 and series-400 tubing, and more challenging alloy and specialty metals including MP35N™, L605, Inconel™, Hastelloy™, nitinol, titanium and refractory metals such as Molybdenum and Tungsten.

We complement our unique hole drilling capabilities with a range of tube machining services:

Capabilities Innovative Approaches
gun drilling Gundrilling Tube Conditioning Tube
trepanning Trepanning borecentric Borecentric
honing Honing
centerless grinding



Precision seamless tubing lends itself to a wide variety of custom applications. Aerospace engineers take advantage of seamless tubing’s strength, wall uniformity and concentricity in parts that often rotate at high speeds while aloft. The medical device industry makes wide use of cannulated parts in bone nails, orthopedic shavers, intramedullary nails and other applications.

Confluent Maine supports the world’s leading nitinol manufacturers by drilling starting hollows to exacting concentricity specifications. These in turn are drawn into long lengths of seamless thin walled tubing and laser cut into products such as cardiac stents. There are numerous other applications where custom machined seamless tubing presents an ideal design solution including chemical piping for the production of LDPE and other plastics (weld-free tubing has more predictable corrosion properties), nuclear reactor drive rods, printing press rollers, hot runners for injection molding of plastics, non-standard tubing sizes for medical device prototyping, refractory metals tubing and more.

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