honing Confluent Maine offers precision honing services to meet our customers’ varied seamless tubing and precision tubular component needs. Depending upon the alloy being machined, gun drilling generally leaves a burnished finish on the inside of a seamless tube that is finer than Ra 125. In some applications, this finish is acceptable or even preferable. However, in other applications, an even smoother finish is required to optimize the overall performance of the part. Confluent Maine’s machinists have the experience needed to efficiently drill a wide range of ID sizes to exacting dimensional, concentricity and finish specifications.

Honing is a precision machining process which uses a variety of abrasives to remove small amounts of material from inside a seamless tube hollow. Honing is a lower velocity abrading process than grinding. Because less heat and pressure is created, the finish, size and precision of the final product is not affected by heat stress. Precision honed tubes feature excellent surface integrity and finish, precise inner diameter tolerances and an overall size and geometry control that can’t be achieved at higher cutting speeds.

Honing is a cost effective way to machine extruded tubing stock to the exact wall thickness and finish specified by our customers. This can contribute to project cost savings, especially when working with expensive metals such as titanium, Nitronic 50 and other specialty alloys. Instead of starting with a solid piece of barstock, Confluent Maine can recondition an extruded seamless tube. Then, according to customer specifications, we can hone the tube to improve its finish and produce the exact bore size required. Confluent Maine hones tubes with IDs .250″ and larger. Our shop floor is equipped with multiple Sunnen hones to ensure consistent quality and capacity. Our expert machinists routinely produce finishes down to Ra 16 and finer.

Honing minimally impacts wall thickness variation, concentricity or ID straightness. When larger amounts of material need to be removed or concentricity improved, other processes precede honing. Confluent Maine combines trepanning, gun drilling, honing and other capabilities to produce tubular components and custom tubing at industry leading levels of precision.

At Confluent Maine, our experienced staff will help you determine which precision boring and tube conditioning service will produce the highest quality, most cost effective end product that will meet the rigorous quality controls and standards in the medical, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors.

“Work has gone to our competition and then come back to us.”


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