Confluent Maine


IndustriesWith a solid reputation for providing our customers with unique, engineered solutions to their tubing design challenges, Confluent Maine partners with a wide variety of industries, including the medical, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors. We are proud to supply industry partners with the highest quality precision seamless tubing and tubular components, manufactured to meet their exacting specifications and tolerances.

Confluent Maine’s products routinely perform in high stakes, high pressure environments, and are found in many critical technical systems. From the depths of the ocean to 30,000 feet in the air, engineers and experts in the medical, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors rely on our extensive experience with deep hole drilling and precision machining to meet challenges unique to each field.

Because Confluent Maine’s high quality metal tubing can be relied upon in the harshest of environments, it is a natural choice for aerospace engineers who need lightweight, crush and heat resistant products for critical flight systems. Confluent Maine has produced tubular components as varied as rotorcraft landing gear to jet engine starter shafts leveraging the performance to weight characteristics of precision seamless tubing.

Medical professionals rely on the precision tolerances of our starting hollows in the pursuit of improved quality and yields in drawn tubing. THI has extensive experience drilling starting hollows made of nitinol, cobalt/chromium, MP35N and other specialty alloys. From trauma nails to peripheral stents to pacemaker lead wires, precision seamless tubing has changed the way doctors perform surgeries, shortened patient recovery times and reduced health care costs with outstanding performance of implantable devices.

Seamless precision tubing can be found making products easier, safer and more cost effective just about everywhere you look. From 30,000 feet above sea level, whirring at 10,000 rpms inside a jet engine, to the depths of the ocean maintaining communications and safety systems on an offshore oil rig, advances in seamless precision tubing have helped improve operations in every industry we serve.

Whether implanting devices inside the human body – preventing amputations with intraluminal stenting – or operating drive rods in the core of a nuclear reactor, our industry partners know they can rely on Confluent Maine to provide custom tubing with unmatched concentricity and exceptionally low wall variation. This, paired with our commitment to customer service, from a project’s conception, through prototyping, to production makes Confluent Maine a valuable partner in a variety of high tech industries.

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