Precision tubular components and seamless tubing are critical to the aerospace industry.They are lightweight, strong and can handle the variable forces inherent to flight. Stainless steel, titanium and other specialty alloys are not only resistant to scaling and oxidation, they feature high strength to weight ratios that withstand the multiple stresses which an aircraft encounters in the air and on the tarmac.

Confluent Maine’s aerospace clients look to our precision machining capabilities to achieve multiple ends: concentricity in rapidly rotating parts, lightweight, precision performance and cost savings. In particular, we specialize in producing long, uniform wall, balanced, rotating parts for use in engines as well as in ancillary components such as rotorcraft landing gear.  


Our dedication to quality and precision is a critical part of the equation. Confluent Maine operates with an AS9100 certified quality management system.

Even a fraction of an ounce of weight saved in airplane design makes a critical difference, not only in the performance of the aircraft, but in fuel consumption and in the cost to run and maintain the aircraft over the long haul. (A major airline once made headlines with a plan to remove a single olive from each passenger’s salad thereby saving $40,000 a year!)

Forces in Aviation

From the muslin and spruce covered wings of the Wright brother’s Kitty Hawk to the revolutionary commercial and military aircrafts in the air today, one key feature of aviation has remained the same:… READ MORE>>

Confluent Maine machines holes, complex bores and external component features to exacting specifications, thereby reducing weight, all without sacrificing critical strength. Our experience drilling Titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, 17-4 stainless steel and other super alloys helps us deliver unique machining solutions where other manufacturers fail.aerospace

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