IndustriesConfluent Maine’s precision machining capabilities make us an ideal supplier for the energy industry; customers can rely on us to ensure performance at the high operating speeds experienced by rotating turbine components in gas and steam applications.

The strict quality and safety standards of the oil and gas and power generation industries require seamless precision tubular components with extremely tight design tolerances. Confluent Maine’s borecentric approach to drilling produces tubing with unmatched wall thickness uniformity and positions us to meet exacting requirements quickly and cost effectively. Confluent Maine operates under an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system.

Seamless precision tubing is an ideal design choice for the harsh, variable pressure conditions found on offshore oil rigs and land oil rigs, and in nuclear power generation facilities. Engineers and specialists in the energy industry rely on THI’s seamless specialty alloy tubing for its exceptional concentricity and strength combined with the unique, function-specific properties of the alloys. Confluent Maine’s machinists have years of experience machining hafnium, beryllium, zirconium, X6 Cr NiNb 18-10 and other alloys that perform well in these intense, hostile environments.

Nuclear reactor components present unique design challenges. Parts such as drive rods may be as long as 25 feet and require tight concentricity tolerances along their entire length to ensure they meet ISO shaft standards. Confluent Maine is equipped with the handling equipment, technology, quality procedures and experience to precision machine these long seamless tubing shafts.

Valued for its resistance to oxidation, seamless precision tubing is often used in oil and gas industry downhole drill motors, sand screens and perforating guns. These specialty tools bear heavy workloads. The quality of their tubular components keeps them operating when inferior materials would cause premature part failure and expensive, time consuming repairs.

When safety and performance is paramount and the environment harsh and unforgiving, seamless precision tubing is a safe, logical and dependable choice. Confluent Maine’s expert manufacturing and engineering professionals work closely with industry design engineers, ensuring that each stage of the process, from conception through design, testing and final manufacturing, meets or exceeds our customer’s needs.

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