refineryFrom the safety of our food supply and the cars we drive to the reliable operation of our cooling systems; from the airbags which protect our lives to scientific breakthroughs happening in laboratories around the world: seamless precision tubing plays a vitally important, but often unrecognized, role in keeping us safe and comfortable in our modern world.

As seamless precision tubing has advanced technologically, it has enabled industry breakthroughs in food safety, scientific instrumentation, injection molding, automotive design and safety, synthetic crystal production and cryogenic technologies to name a few. Confluent Maine has played a role in those advancements, improving precision machining techniques to produce longer tubes with previously unheard of concentricity tolerances. During one recent project, our machinists produced a 10 foot cannulated bar with a 540:1 drill size / depth ratio. Total Indicated Runout on the bar was held to .004″. Drawing houses rely on our superior precision starting hollows to produce thin walled seamless tubing for thousands of different uses.


Confluent Maine is constantly expanding our understanding of how and where to apply our capabilities to new industries. In every case, our goal is produce seamless precision tubing, shafts and/or tubular components to make products safer, more reliable, higher performing and more cost effective. Here is a sampling of the wide variety of applications we have tackled:

  • Precision rolls for processes such as high speed printing
  • Custom heavy wall refractory tubing for high temperature boilers
  • Nuclear reactor components, including drive rods, instrument tubes and other shafts
  • Chemical process tubing for Low Density Polyethylene production
  • Heat exchanger tubing made from refractory metals such as tungsten and molybdenum
  • Cobalt/chromium starting hollows that supply drawn tubing for automotive parts
  • Custom heavy wall Hastelloy tubing for process piping
  • Starting hollows made from refractory metals that are redrawn into custom thin walled tubing
  • High temperature well instrumentation tubing
  • Tubular components for injection molding hot runners

No matter the application, Confluent Maine’s staff can offer machining expertise and engineering solutions to help solve design challenges. Our hole capabilities range from .055″ to over 4″ and we complement our world-leading drilling processes with a broad variety of additional services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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