Seamless Precision Tubes in Medical Devices

Confluent Maine provides design firms, drawing houses and OEM suppliers in the medical device industry with the highest quality seamless precision tubing in a variety of alloys, designed to fit their unique design needs.

Confluent Maine works every day with challenging metals and specialty alloys used in medical devices. We partner with the world’s leading nitinol manufacturers, drilling starting hollows to exacting concentricity specifications. 

cardiac stent

In fact, some of the machinists at THI developed the techniques that first successfully drilled long nitinol bars over 20 years ago. Nitinol tubing helps surgeons perform minimally invasive surgeries using laparoscopic techniques, allowing cardiologists and endoscopic surgeons an unparalleled degree of freedom maneuvering within narrow regions of the body. Nitinol is also used in the manufacture of medical guide wires, pacemaker wiring, self-expanding stents and catheters because of its unique shape memory and superelastic properties.

Seamless Tubing History

From superelastic needles used to robotically ablate tumors to miniaturized pacemakers, the unmatched reliability, strength, flexibility and concentricity of seamless precision tubing has helped… READ MORE>>

Seamless precision tubes in alloys such as L605, 17-4 stainless steel and titanium offer medical device manufacturers a valuable compromise between engineered plastics (which may not be as strong, biocompatible or corrosion resistant) and traditional metals (which may not be flexible, functional or as comfortable for the patient).

Leveraging the ability to drill very high depth-to-ID holes, Confluent Maine’s experienced machinists can produce medical devices such as intramedullary nails or bone marrow aspirate needles from a single piece of metal. This capability eliminates the need to laser weld two smaller parts together and reduces the potential for contamination in these components.


As physicians and medical device manufacturers continue to push the innovation envelope while achieving cost savings and improved patient outcomes,

Confluent Maine looks forward to assisting our clients with prototype and early stage production support. As a company, Confluent Maine will remain on the vanguard of the medical industry, continually pushing the limits of gun drilling technology and custom seamless precision tubing, while never straying from our meticulous manufacturing and customer service standards.

“Most people understand a tape measure, not 1000ths. I give them the visual of a human hair- 2-3 thousandths. They are impressed, especially when they find out we can drill 10 feet down inside a tube…”

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