Seamless Precision Tubes History

tubingWhen considering the advances made in modern medicine since the late 1800s, what breakthroughs and major milestones come to mind? Certainly the invention of the x-ray or the widespread use of general anesthesia. But considering all the scientific progress made during the second half of the 20th century, few realize the vitally important contribution of seamless precision tubes to our fundamental health and wellbeing.

From superelastic needles used to robotically ablate tumors to miniaturized pacemakers, the unmatched reliability, strength, flexibility and concentricity of seamless precision tubes have helped make surgeries less invasive, biopsies easier, and a whole host of other medical procedures more comfortable and less traumatic for patients.

In many surgical and medical applications, medical device materials come into contact with solvents. Some of these fluids are extremely corrosive and make the use of plastic devices impractical or dangerous. Even exposure to pure water, when given enough time, will cause many products to corrode and eventually fail. In the medical device industry, premature failure of critical components is simply not an option when a patient’s life is at stake.

That is why medical device manufacturers rely heavily on seamless precision tubes. For their industry leading concentricity, along with its high degree of corrosion resistance, excellent fatigue life, large recoverable deformations, kink/crush resistance and exceptional superelastic behavior at or near human body temperatures, Confluent Maine’s industry leading premium seamless precision tubes cannot be rivaled.

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