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In aerospace, medical, energy, and many other industries having a precision machined tubular component with tight concentricity and a superior finish depends on the successful integration of precision machining with your company’s design goals and manufacturing processes. Whether your precision machined component requires superfinishing, honing, grinding, or other other complex precision machining, there can be no doubt about the quality of mission critical parts.

Partnering with Confluent Maine on programs or Prototype R&D projects allows your organization to operate with confidence, knowing your components have been precision machined by the most technologically capable, innovative engineers in the business.

Our staff knows there’s no room for error in the precision machining of tubular components, whether they’re working on landing gear or drive shafts for heavy equipment. Confluent Maine is the world’s leader when it comes to honing, superfinishing, grinding, boring, and adding complex precision features to tubular components.

Precision Components We routinely apply statistical process controls (SPC) on critical features that others dismiss as impossible. Our engineers thrive on the most advanced, technologically challenging projects, and create robust, thorough processes which ensure our customers receive a quality product every time.

Tube Hollow’s precision machining capabilities translate into:

  • Cpk and Ppk indexes available on request

  • Custom-designed, high-precision tubular components with the best safety rating in the industry

  • Short lead times with complex ID and OD (many features produced in-house with no outsourcing)

  • Reduced risk and cost

  • Timely, accurate updates

  • Maintaining the schedule and quality we promise

 Gantt Chart Precision Components

Learn more about our precision machining capabilities and state-of-the-art facility and equipment today.


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