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Five axes. Infinite possibilities.

Complexity is no match for our tilt head 5-axis milling machine. Moving in the X, Y, and Z axes while simultaneously turning on two rotary (A and B) axes, Tube Hollow’s 5-axis machine handles the precision machining of complex parts, including turbines, rotors, and impellers, with ease. Our machinists carefully monitor the setup and programming of the machine, controlling for complex variables which affecting the quality of the finished part, including the efficient management and removal of waste material as the part is being machined.

In the hands of our creative and experienced engineering team, The 5-axis milling machine allows us to partner with our customers’ design engineers, producing custom parts of virtually any geometry.

  • Produces complex shapes in a single setup

  • Saves time and money with less preparation and setup

  • Increased quality due to single-station production

  • Achieves superior surface finishes and overall better part quality

To learn more about Confluent Maine and precision machining with our 5 axis milling machine, contact us us today. We look forward to partnering with you on your project

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Faster production. Lower costs. Flawless results.

Confluent Maine’s Doosan 3100UL 4-axis 3 Meter lathe provides consistent, highly accurate precision machining of complex parts and components which require tight tolerances, and extreme concentricity and straightness. With simultaneous 4-axis cutting and live tooling, our expert team of engineers and machinists achieves unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and dramatically reduced cycle times, allowing us to produce some of the most complex ID and OD features and designs in the industry with flawless accuracy.

By combining our proprietary precision machining processes with an extensive background handling exotic alloys and our expertise gundrilling tube hollows of varying lengths and diameters, Confluent Maine has elevated the precision machining process to an art and science. We allow for variables such as straightness error compensation, and rely on our years of combined experience to achieve glass-like finishes on precision parts with tolerances of just 5 microns.

The Confluent Maine team regularly completes precision machining projects, including bore work, turning and milling work, as well as OD grinding, and the Doosan lathe is capable of:

  • Internal and external precision threading

  • Producing flawless parts up to three meters in length

  • Producing multiple complex features simultaneously, reducing turnaround times and setup costs

  • Includes built-in milling capabilities keep production times low

Learn more about Tube Hollow International’s 4-axis lathe by watching the video below, or contact us with any questions.

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