ID Honing

  • Large diameter range with stock removal rate of 900 cm3/h and more
  • Automatic bore geometry correction
  • 100% process control with tool overload protection

At Confluent Maine, we’ve elevated the honing of internal bores to a precise art, holding tolerances of less than .001 of an inch. Using proprietary techniques developed to meet the needs of our partners in the aerospace, medical, energy, and other industrial applications, THI’s unique finishing, polishing, and grinding methods maintain centerline accuracy of internal diameters in tubing. Removing cut material from the bore, maintaining straightness and smooth cutting action of the machine are paramount to achieving the perfect end result, and THI has perfected the ID honing process, allowing for concentric, smooth, uniquely finished tubes with the highest degree of accuracy in the industry.

Confluent Maine can hone parts ranging in size from 6.5mm to 100mm, and produce finishes on exotic alloys. Contact our expert manufacturing and engineering team today to discuss how we can create the precise ID your design requires.

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