OD Honing

Confluent Maine is known for our expertise in gundrilling and precision ID work. To add value for our customers, we offer turnkey services, including OD honing. OD, or external, honing improves the concentricity and finish of tubes. THI can hone the OD of parts ranging in size from .5″ to 6.0″, and have extensive experience working with difficult to machine alloys including Refractory Metals. Our OD honing services correct unwanted grind patterns and chatter marks, help correct warpage, tapers, and out of round parts, and is recommended for many different types of metals and alloys.


The requirements of stock removal for almost all external-honing operations are light compared to that of internal honing. The reason is it’s easier to finish outside diameters (“OD”) than inside diameters (“ID”). For example, if there is a rough bore in hardened steel, 1.000 in. ID by 12 inches long, to be fitted with a hard steel plunger of equal length; the mating parts must be round, straight, have a fine finish and tight tolerance, and have hydraulic “fluid control” sliding fit. For the ID pre-machining in this hardened steel, neither boring nor grinding would be easy because of the length and diameter ofboring bar or grinding quill. It would be best to hone from the rough, even though it might call for two honing operations; deburr and finish hone.

Reason for OD honing:

  • surface finishing or precision sizing
  • correcting bow or waviness

Reason way you would OD hone in place of Centerless grinding;

  • lower cost
  • larger tolerances

Contact our expert machinists and engineers today to learn how our turnkey precision machining services, including OD honing, can help you manage your design process with absolute confidence.

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