Polishing and Performance

polishingWhen precision parts require a complex finish to facilitate flawless performance under extreme conditions and tight tolerances are of the utmost importance, our state-of-the-art polisher creates superfinishes that more than make the grade. Whether creating a cross-hatching pattern for an exotic alloy in order to achieve tight tolerances between parts, to increase the life of a part, or ensure the tight fit of a seal or O-ring, Confluent Maine’s experienced machinists ability to precision machine parts for the aerospace, medical, and energy industries is unparalleled.

Superpolishing, or micromachining, translates into less friction between parts for less wear and tear. Superfinishing is ideal for precision machined parts including gaskets and O-rings that need to move freely and consistently against other metal surfaces, such as high-speed rotating shafts in turbine engines, automatic transmissions, and many other tubular and precision machined components used in a wide variety of industries.


  • is scientifically proven to make parts more durable and longlasting

  • unlike polishing, which creates a mirror finish, creates a cross-hatch pattern in three distinct phases using an abrasive to remove material

  • removes a fraction of a millimeter of material from the topmost layer of the machined part

To learn more about our superfinishing capabilities, reach out to our experienced engineering and manufacturing team.


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