Mission Critical Quality

Other companies build into their bidding a failure rate in their pricing. Everyone does from car parts to aircraft parts to kilns. They build in a 5%-10% failure rate. Our rate has been less than one percent.” – Confluent Maine engineer

Performance and tight tolerances are top priorities in the design and manufacture of any precision machined tubular component. Confluent Maine’s Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine boasts an unstoppable combination of high-quality construction, precision optical sensors, and the best software to ensure the accuracy and precision of every part. While other companies build a 5-10% failure rate into their manufacturing processes, Confluent Maine strives to keep that rate as close to 1% as possible. In many cases, it’s 0%.

Our engineers don’t just strive for accuracy and tight tolerances or “good enough” in the precision machining process. We strive for perfection by integrating high-end, highly capable equipment into a robust processes that repeatedly generates precision parts. Using our collective experience to predict common failure points, we design and streamline processes other shops simply can’t replicate.

We also realize we’re not controlling for error in the manufacture and precision machining of just any part; we’re creating processes that lead to the success or failure of a drive shaft, engine component, landing gear, or other mission critical component that simply doesn’t allow for failure.

In the hands of Confluent Maine experienced design and manufacturing staff, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) makes tolerance and levels of precision other shops claim are impossible possible. Not only possible, but possible with precision and tight tolerances. Using the CMM machine, we develop processes and programs, then streamline them, making them the most efficient program possible.

Our CMM equipment allows:

  • Configurable settings to ensure exact measurements within .001 mm on every part
  • Reliable and accurate measurements on complex OD and ID components
  • Near-perfect accuracy ensures low fail rate of new parts

Learn more about how Confluent Maine designs processes that ensure every part meets your unique specifications in the video below.

Zeiss CMM Machine

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