Precision Shafts & Rods

precision shafts and rodsConfluent Maine does gun drilling, however we have pioneered new processes that now lead the industry in complex boring; while holding tolerances tighter than traditional gundrilling can achieve. Gundrilling is to precision boring as Kleenex is to tissues. We do deep boring to create precision shafts and precision rods. These starting hollows are used, by us and others, in numerous components.

THI stocks mechanical shafts and rods in order to provide an efficient means of supplying high quality, raw material stock for the manufacturing of precision machined components. Precision rods and shafts from Confluent Maine minimizes material waste and reduces the total machining requirements by avoiding the initial drilling operation. However, while working with clients we also use these rods and shafts to create world-leading rod-based components. We have manufactured components for various industries, including; aerospace applications, medical devices, and a wide range of energy elements and other industrial component uses.

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