Cylindrical Grinding

Complex Finishes, Extreme Accuracy

cylindrical grinderIf precision is the game, our TOS HOSTIVAR cylindrical grinder is the MVP. Confluent Maine’s high-powered cylindrical grinding machine allows the production of parts with internal and external hubs and features ground to exact tolerances, including precision machining on surfaces that are straight, tapered, or contoured. When finished parts demand extreme accuracy and superior or complex finishes, cylindrical grinding offers unmatched precision coupled with flexibility and regulation.

cylindrical grinder partIn the hands of Confluent Maine’s talented, experienced team of engineers and machinists, our cylindrical grinding machine creates smooth, long-lasting finishes on complex OD and ID parts. Cylindrical grinding creates the most concentric round hole for tubular components in the industry, minimizing friction and wear between pins and wheels or ensuring the tightest seal in an 0-ring, whether static or dynamic.

  • Precision grinding capabilities for tubular components up to 80 inches long

  • Exact tolerance grinding for parts with extremely tight tolerances and finish requirements

  • Precision machining of: threads; twist-drill flutes; straight, tapered or formed holes; and and complex super alloy parts

Learn more about how Tube Hollow International’s cylindrical grinder can produce high-quality, durable parts to meet your precision machining needs, contact us today.

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