TurningConfluent Maine is uniquely positioned to create precision tubular components by combining its world leading drilling capabilities with complementary machining services. We turn many precision parts, operating to extremely tight tolerances and precise diameters and depths. In particular, aerospace and industrial parts feature flanges, steps, chamfers and other features that require high end lathe work. Should your project require additional machining, our larger family of machine tools and processes makes Confluent Maine an all-inclusive, one stop experience for all your seamless tubing and precision machining needs.

CNC turning is a cost effective process for machining precision parts in a wide variety of profiles, including plain, contour and radius. CNC precision turning relies on a rotating drive which holds a cylindrical piece of metal firmly in place. The cutting tool then moves across 2 axes, producing precise depths and diameters in the finished product. Material removed from the cylinder as it rotates is turned into metal chips (also known as swarfs or turnings).

The different types of turning operations include: Tapered Turning; Spherical Generation; Hard Turning; Face Grooving (similar to boring); Facing (cutting tools face the rotating material at a right angle); Knurling (used to form hand grips); Reaming (small, precise holes); Threading (for screws); and Polygonal Turning (for turning of noncircular shapes).

When working with expensive, rare, or high end alloys such as titanium or 17-4 Stainless Steel, our experience and industry leading quality control standards set Confluent Maine apart from our competitors. Although CNC turning machines are incredibly accurate, they must be operated by highly trained, experienced machinists. After all, even the highest tech machine is only as good as the person standing at the controls. When commissioning CNC turned parts from Confluent Maine, you can rest assured, knowing our expert staff has extensive experience working with a wide array of exotic metals and alloys. Our expertise and companywide commitment to excellence will result in the highest quality end product.

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